Pokemon movie 12 - Arceus jewel of life

Arceus jewel of life the movie starts with a flash back to where arceus is betrayed by man (damios). theflash back shows a man tricking arceus and making him sleep, title secene.
after we see ash and his freinds coming up to the city fetured in this movie. they battle some trainers who know where the ruins are, they go to the ruins to encounter DIALGA. ARCEUS is creating wirlpools to show he is awakening and GIRATINA comes as DIALGA is fighting the wirlpools. they calm down after awhile and all disapear.
after they go Areus comes to the town firing jugment into the air, demanding for the jewel of life. ash and his freinds are with guardians of the ruins who clame they have the jewel. arceus sees the fake and goes in a terrible rage destroying alot of the ruins when palkia and dialga appear. arceus is raged that dialga and palkia are protecting humans and atacks them. giratina soon comes along and protects the two fighting legandary pokemon in defeting arceus. After dialga is weakend he sends ash and his friends back to the time when arceus's rage started. Ash see's that arceus was betrayed and it was done by a man who everyone in the future thinks did it all. Dialga sends them back further into time where ash and his friends are captured and put in jail, the ruin guardian tries to tell the man that captured him they came from the future. the man gets ideas and plans to do what might not have happened if ash had never gone back. in the jail ash and co meet up with the man who betrayed arceus. he explans he never planed on betraying arceus. it is then the reolise that he was hypnotised into doing it.
the guardian is sent to give back the jewel of life but is betrayed and the staf she holds had no orb in it. she is blasted back when arceus's rage takes over and the bad huy wins. but as this is happening ash and pikachu go and take out the bad guy (sorry i dont know his name) and damios is reaching arceus' heart. in the end arceus is dying and ash and co are fading away but when damios touched the heart of arceus everything wasback to normal. when the world was alright again arceus still fell asleep and when he awoke (and ash got back to the future) he was still angry. the movie has a sad ending where arceus see's ash and restores time, palkia dialga and giratina go of into the dimentions and they see a plac damios left for them to see in the future. (for copyright this is not a full plot) To watch/download the movie follow this link-