pokemon ranger 3 miricle of light

release dates
japan: march 6th 2010
us: ???
uk: ???


the game is set in the oblivia region and the evil bad guy team is team nappers. The new game also has a multiplayer feture which you can compete in capture challenges it is unkown at this time if ds to ds comunication is used in the new games.
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wi-fi events


a new deoxys event is in the game this avalible via wifi the details on the mission are not yet found but it ends up with you capturing deoxys.
the new multiplayer feture alows you to redo the mission with friends.
Using nintendo wirless comunication you can trade this pokemon into dimond, pearl, platinum, heart gold and soul silver once the dexoys is captured

japan: march 6th till may 17th 2010
us: 2010
europe: 2010