The bunny is back

yes i'm back rejoice ho ho ho i've got a download for you
It's Kawa's Open Tech Poke Demo (not a rom hack, done in the gameboy programming language)

Thursday 22nd july 2010

sorry for the lack of news :'( but more news is to come as black and white come out
New sections:
pokedex 494 - ?
issu region
version differences (black and white)

Friday 16th april 2010

pokemon anime page added with new (english subbed) japanesse episodes.

Friday 9th april 2010

pokemon black and pokemon white comfirmed for fall 2010.

pokemon black


pokemon white


Monday 15th March 2010

pokemon heart gold/soul silver out now in the usa
pokemon yellow forest event from 1st of april till the 30th

Thursday 11th march 2010

sorry for the slow news month but this month will have more news
pokemon ranger 3's 2 new events have been comfirmed where you get arceus and giratina.
movie entei, raikou and suicune events have been comfirmed
coro coro page has been added
pokemon tcg set 'HG/SS unleashed has been comfirmed

Thursday 18th febuary 2010

 pokemon ranger tracks of light all the wifi events have been reveled. in te event you can get lv50 dexoys, lv50 heatran, lv30 shaymin or as in all the others a manaphy egg

Monday 15th Febuary 2010

- Pokemon zoroark and zorua have been officaly been comfirmed late last night on a japanesse video game show
- big new project pokedex page added and is still under construction.

wednesday 10th febuary 2010

its time, for pokemon the next genaration is here nintendo/coro coro magazine has shown pokemonthe 5th genaration. 

Monday 8th Febuary 2010

 pokemon timeline shown with every pokemon rpg and one has a question mark on it. this means the new pokemon might not be phantom z but a new legandary/evolution. plus this shows that there will only be one pokemon 5th generation game not two like with (red/blue-gold/silver-ruby/sapphire-pearl/dimond)
new page added - pre order first on this page will be links to buy the hottest new pokemon games like pokemon ranger 3, soul silver and much more

Sunday 7th Febuary 2010

pokemon phantom champion z reveild on pokemon news sunday this is the starting for pokemon generation 5 or the 5th gen stay watching this site for more details.
Picture forums added please sign up and vist.
*update* pokemon super sunday says the full sprite will be shown on febuary 4th but we might get some earlyer details on this new pokemon from coro coro magazine so keep coming to this site daily for more information

Saturday 6th febuary 2010

poke movies page added
plus pokemon HG/SS pokeathlen us names revield
*update* pokemon ranger 3 tracks of the light region map picture has been found

Friday 5th Febuary 2010

wifi events page added so please cheak that out and remember the site is still in development.

thursday 4th febuary 2010

pokemon ranger 3 miricle of light said to release march 6th in japan the europe and us dates are yet to be confirmed.
*update* jirachi is avalible from febuary 27th to march 13th in gamestop stores, the uk event is still unkown

wednesday 3rd Febuary 2010

Pokemon tgc fans look out as the new heart gold soul silver collection is releaced. The new set will come out on the 11th of febuary and will include 124 cards in total. these 124 cards are  123 normal and 1 ultra rare.
*edit* pokemon heart gold soul silver us  character names have been revield  look in heart gold soul silver to find out more information.